Saturday, September 7, 2019


        I have spent the past four weeks at four different orientations in four geographically and culturally distinct places. My first week was spent in Akron, PA then I travelled to Mexico City to meet the MCC Mexico staff before heading to a third orientation in Tuscon, Arizona to meet my Agua Prieta roommate and the other Young Adult Volunteers that would be working in Tuscon. Finally, Hannah and I arrived in Agua Prieta for my fourth and final orientation to get to know the ministries and staff here.
           This month has been nothing short of overwhelming! But, not the bad kind of overwhelming. Just the kind of overwhelming you would expect to feel when living out of a suitcase, travelling long distances, learning to think in a secon language and meeting completely different groups of people week after week. I really have enjoyed every step of the way. Each place I've been, I've met people that could relate to the journey I was about to take in specific ways. I met people that I knew would continue to support me throughout the year and that I could offer support to in return. It was a whirlwind, but amidst it all, I was able to see joy, love and peace.
            In Pennsylvania I learned how to play the "Mennonite game" in which everyone's sister's cousin's uncle went to school with his mom's best-friend's daughter. Here I made friends that would be going through my same situations in various corners of the Earth. In Mexico City I found creative ways to communicate sarcasm through facial expression and jokes through charades and strange dance moves. Here I met the people that I am confident will have my back in any and all circumstances. In Tuscon I learned that it is very important to stay hydrated when attempting to bike in 100+ degree weather. Here I met friends I never knew I would have and a group of strong, supportive women just north of where I would be living. And in Agua Prieta, so far, I have learned that communication across the language barrier is something that should be taken lightly- I've been learning to laugh at my mistakes. Here I am surrounded by so many people that radiate love for others and for God throughout their daily events and responsibilities.
           Most of all, this week taught me that people truly are wonderful when they chose to live and breathe love, peace and joy. Not to say that the people I encountered were perfect, but just that I am so happy to be walking and living amongst people that love God and love others without borders- whether it be borders of language, culture, or physical, joy and peace cross borders and I am grateful for that.
An outing with the SALTers and IVEPers in Akon, PA
Hannah and I outside of our new home in Agua Prieta

The Young Adult Volunteers in Tuscon

Signing of the contract between Mennonite Central Committee and Frontera de Cristo

An outing with our MCC Mexico reps to Mexico City  

MCC Mexico staff having lunch together 

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